Wednesday, August 15, 2012

for marty - burlap panels

My sister mentioned months ago that she was interested in burlap panels for her dining room.  A good sister with a home decorating business and serious sewing skills would be making her some gorgeous custom panels.  I, on the other hand, am going to write a post about it - show her a few pictures, provide a few links, and then call it a day.

Last year, I made some burlap panels for my living room and dining room.  Inspired by The Nester's striped curtains, I pieced together two shades of inexpensive burlap to make my panels.

Inspiration from The Nester:

Source: via Tisha on Pinterest

My version:

Being the discontent fickle decorator that I am, I have never loved these like I wanted to.  Maybe because shortly after I finished them, I spotted these smocked burlap panels over at KariAnne's place.

And just a last month I saw another pair of similar smocked drapes in our local symphony Show Home.
KariAnne's source no longer has the smocked jute panels in stock, but they do have NON-smocked jute panels:

And NON-jute smocked panels:

Here's what else I've drummed up...

Selections from Ballard Designs:
(A) Essential Panel; (B) Fringed Panel
You can click on the photos see buying info.

Jute smocked panel:
(Warning: this is not for the faint of heart at $225 per panel!  But oh so pretty!)

Luxe linen panel:

And an etsy option:

I used the $3.99 a yard economy burlap (plus a half off coupon!) from JoAnn to make my panels, which is not the same stuff used for most of the commercial drapes.  Theirs usually have a tighter weave and a lighter weight.  When looking for burlap fabrics or doing an internet search, "jute" or "linen" may also yield good results.  Just promise me you will not buy 84" curtain panels!  I am proposing a consumer revolt against this standard manufactured length.  These are just TOO SHORT!  I would go at least 90" for 8-foot ceilings, and even 96" or 108", especially if your ceilings are 9' or higher.  They will look so much better hung high and sitting lightly on the floor or even puddled at the bottom.

If you buy yourself some new burlap panels, especially a smocked version, I'd love to hear about it, since I'm going to tolerate enjoy my striped burlap panels a while longer.

NOTE: I have not seen, touched, or bought any of these curtains in person and therefore am not offering an endorsement of any particular product or company.  These are just inspirations and ideas for your own research.  Post includes affiliate links.


karen@somewhatquirky said...

Have you ever tried smocking? It is not difficult at all. Especially in the scale you would use for curtains.

thistlewoodfarm said...


Thanks for the shout out! You are so wonderful and I LOVE your curtains! I am totally pinning this! I think I may try a similar treatment with the burlap stripes! Thanks for inspiring me today!


Bliss said...

We non sewing types are so jealous. Green with envy that you can also DIY fabric!


Whitney @ Drab to Fab Design said...

Bliss said it perfectly. I am jealous of your sewing abilities!

Carrie said...

I am a new huge fan of you and your blog. I am adding you to my blog list right now!!!

Tara T. McIlrath said...

LOVE the new bathroom!!! Mind if I stop by for a few ideas? Btw, I still can't believe you did this with all of your little people around. It's all I can do to clean up breakfast!

Kirby Dunton Carespodi said...

Well, you are my third curtain comment today! Very timely as I am trying to figure out what to do about my naked windows. Love it!

Kelly @ View Along the Way said...

I am joining with you in the revolt against 84" panels!!

Ann from On Sutton Place said...

I have been looking for the more refined burlap but so far have not found it. I saw an Etsy shop that said her items were made from burlap available "to the trade" only. Oh how I want some! I think your panels look great. I made linen panels last winter and I'm not so thrilled with them either. Like you though, I'm keeping them for a while!

Eclectically Vintage said...

No sew - burlap - two of my favorite things!