Wednesday, February 8, 2012

pick a paint color

Next on the list in the family room is to paint my TV armoire and bookcases.  I've got several ideas bouncing around in my head, so if you'll humor me, I'd love to run them all by you and let you help me pick a paint color. (I'll be finding a new home for these books and styling the bookcases.)

Here are few shots of the rest of the room to give you a feel for the whole space.  My end table needs some styling help too and the oak chairs are going to get a coat of paint, but all in due time.  And no, I don't have two bunnies - he just hops around a lot.
My initial thought was to paint the whole thing kind of a dark black brown.  I thought this would offer a nice contrast to the largely neutral room with the light gray walls and white slipcover.  I also hoped this would alleviate the need for a BIN primer coat to seal the dark knots in the old finish.

I'm also wanting to paint a contrast color in the backs of the bookcases.  Orange keeps coming to mind.  After all, tangerine is the Pantone color of the year, and I'm so hip and up on all that.  Really I just want something bright and a bit surprising.  Which of course led me to this inspiration photo - I have had this in my  idea file for a couple of years.

But then I think, "That's beautiful.  Who am I to go messing with that?  Maybe I should paint mine blue & orange just like Martha did."  I do like blue after all.  I've admired other shades of blue armoires at the Nester and Life in Grace too.  But will that fit in my room?  I've got lots of bright turquoise accents going on  in the adjacent kitchen (and I do not want to go that bright on the cabinet), so I'm afraid another blue will look out of place.

You know where I'm going to go from here.  Blue to gray is a logical jump, right?  I was thinking dark gray, but as I scanned Pinterest and Google, I found these lighter versions.  I like how they sort of fade into the neutral of the room.  Now I'm 180 degrees from where I started.

Pinned Image

Photo Sources

So, with tangerine behind the shelves, what do you think:
espresso, blue, or gray?
Or some other color?
If you have a paint shade you just love, please share!

Want to see how it turned out?  Click here.


Kelly @ Corner of Main said...

I love the idea of a worn light gray look. Good luck =) I will have to check back to see what you decide!
Thanks for stopping by Corner of Main.

Anonymous said...

I have the same sort of shade pine table and china cabinet I want to paint. I have wanted to paint it for so long but just can't make the decision! For your tv cabinet and bookcases, perhaps you should start with the lighter gray? Then if you decide to go darker later on it will be easier. Hey, did I just give myself advice too?! LOL!

Jordan@the2seasons said...

I like the gray! Can't wait to see what you decide to do.

Anonymous said...

I love the light gray (almost looks like an off-white, which could be another color choice?) and distress it a little! Or a crisp white color, distressed, would look lovely as well with your awesome white sectional! Good luck!

Dawn's Craft Place said...

I am with everyone else so far- love the light gray! Can't wait to see it done.
Love your blog and projects.
Wanted to thank you for your visit to my blog

Melissa said...

Have you considered yellow? ;0)

I think white could be fabulous too, with colorful accents. I love all your choices though!

Tisha said...

You guys are determined to make me prime this thing, aren't you?

Sheila said...

After looking at all your pics I'd say a dark gray and a yellow, not tangerine, but more of a straw yellow? Or even a buttery yellow. Everything is so light already. Why not ground it with a darker color and then add some punch on the inside? Of course you could do that with your accessories. jmo