Wednesday, January 11, 2012

where do you put your books?

We have kind of a lot of books.  Maybe not as many as the next guy, and they are not especially nice books like you'd want on display.  Still, they are our books, and we want to keep them, and we want to read them.

But where should we keep them?  "On a bookcase" would seem the obvious answer.  But I've been thinking about that.  Right now, our books are filling all the shelves that are placed randomly throughout the house.  This is not very Pottery Barn.  In Pottery Barn, shelves are styled with all sorts of lovely knick-knacks, and books are stored on wall-to-wall shelves in the Library or Study.

As I prepare to paint the armoire in our family room, I'm wondering if I could create a new home for all the books that currently live in the flanking bookcases, and instead use those shelves to house some new decoratements.  There are also some built-in shelves along that same wall that need a makeover.

Since we don't have a designated room for book-ness, where should I make my bookcase wall?  In my craft area?  The living room?  The basement den/playroom?

Where do you put your books?

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