Sunday, January 15, 2012

project day

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One way I seek to maintain the balance between life & projects is by limiting myself to a project day or two a week, and not every week

Project day involves wearing work clothes (already stained with various shades), and this is when the paint comes out and the whole place gets turned upside down. 

On these days, I either plan for one of the older children to make dinner, or we conceed that popcorn or a bowl of cereal is a perfectly fine way to end the day.  House cleaning is not on the agenda, and children will be largely ignored. 

I always plan ahead.  I like to have all of my supplies organized the day before so I can get an early start.  It also helps to have some really good snacks on hand (for both me and the kids), and maybe a DVD or special craft or activity that can be done without Mom.  I break for a few hours when Daddy gets home from work, but often I clock a little more time finishing up after the children are in bed.  Then, at the end of the day, it is all put away, finished or not, until a future project day.

This weekend, my sewing area was Slipcover Central as I worked to make some progress on my "Imagine the Impossible" challenge project.  And I am so excited about how much got done!  Now I'm kind of in GO mode, so I'm declaring Monday another project day this week.  I think I'm going to switch gears though and work on painting some furniture.  Can't wait to show you...

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DM said...

Thanks for sharing some of your secrets re how to get projects done. There is hope for me yet. I'm going to keep these in mind next time I want to tackle something. Who knows - maybe I'll get on a roll and do 2 projects!