Tuesday, January 3, 2012

daisy lampshades

Ever since I started working on my daughters' pink room, I've had a vision for the lamps loosely based on this photo. (I can't find the source, but I think it's from Pottery Barn Kids or Rosenberry Rooms a couple of years ago???)
Being on a small decorating budget, I knew I couldn't afford the real deal.  So I've been on the lookout for like items that I could magically transform into a dream replica.

I found some great candlestick lampstands at Walmart or Target awhile back on clearance.  I think I got them both for about $10 total.  The lampshades were purchased on a separate trip but in a similar circumstance for $8 or $9 each.

Then I was on an arduous search for the perfect roses.  They had to be the right size - not too big & not too small.  They had to be the right shade of pink.  And they had to be less than $1 per flower, because I needed a lot of them!  If they cost more than the catalog version, what would be the point?

My favorites were the ones at Hobby Lobby, but they were a bit pricey at nearly $2 each.  Finally, I decided to bite the bullet and buy them during a 50% off discount period, so I took my toddler and headed off to pick my prize roses.  As I was pulling out the stems, she grabbed a bright pink Gerber daisy from the adjacent bin and said,
"Mommy, I LOVE THESE!"
"More than these?" I asked, holding up my dream flower.
"YES!! Can we PLEASE get these?"

So here they are.  The new DAISY lampshades (yep, I'm spoiling my child).  The pink is entirely wrong, but I do like daises.  Plus they were only $7.99 for a stem of 12, so maybe I'll trade out for roses in a few years.
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Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

I love the lamp with it's new flowers, pink is my favorite color :) Happy New Year to you!

Emily @ 52 Mantels said...

Oh, I think the daisies are really sweet!! I love it! I have a little girl too and it's so much fun decorating for them. And, I love that your daughter already has an eye for design :)

Thanks so much for linking up to my FIRST party!! I hope you'll come back and share all of your creative endeavors with my readers every week!! I love your cute site and I'm going to follow you on my way out!

Chrissy said...

Beautiful!! Great idea!! I'm a new follower!!

Toodie said...

Very cute for a little girl's room!