Wednesday, December 14, 2011

tree stand

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about my obsession with Christmas trees in urns.  Meanwhile, I visited every home & garden store in my local area, trying to find a large enough urn to work with our full-sized tree.  Not an urn was to be had.  So instead of this:

I settled for this:

I found a huge terracotta planter outside at a small garden center.  "You don't want that one," the clerk told me.  "It has a big crack in it."  Well, that sounded exactly like the one I wanted, because I talked them into a 50 percent discount.  Since I have an artificial tree, the planter wouldn't need to hold water.  Yea!

After lugging it home, I tucked it into a corner of the basement, where it was promptly broken along the crack by some rambunctious boys.  After an encounter with some glue and some white paint, it was lovingly transported to its new spot in the living room and fitted with strange wood parts my husband cut to serve as a tree stand.  Then I stuffed a big piece of burlap in and around the base of the tree, which was a total waste since once the branches were on, it was completely hidden. 

I love how the planter elevates the tree so that the presents aren't stuffed up under the branches.  I also like not using a tree skirt, although I've seen some pretty cute ruffle ones on Pinterest this season!


craftytexasgirls said...

I am so happy you stopped by Crafty Texas Girls! Love this tree urn- very crafty and beautiful! I am going to have to follow your blog!
:) Samantha

Sherry said...

I love love this idea! I've always been frustrated with cramming presents underneath the branches. I'm not a fan of tree skirts either so... yay! A great idea. Plant the fake tree in a pot LOL! I look forward to visiting here often.
Sherry's Bees Nest

Kristel said...

I love this. I have seen this in the new Ballard's catalog that I have gotten, and would love to try this out next year. Yours came out lovely, much better with the terra cotta pot, than the urn. I love how roomy it seems underneath. Great Job!