Friday, December 23, 2011

quick ruffle scarf

This morning I decided I needed a new Christmasy accessory to wear to a party tonight.  Never mind that I have about eight items to make in the kitchen today, family coming this afternoon, and a whole host of events and activities planned for this weekend!  Anyhoo, I hijacked a couple of the boys' old tshirts to make a candy cane ruffle scarf.  With knit fabric like a tshirt, you don't have to finish the edges- they don't fray.  I guess fleece would work too, although I've never tried it for a scarf.  It might be a little thick.

I got 15 rectangles measuring 8"x5" cut out of the available shirts.  Poo, I needed more like 20-25.  Well, I decided to press on and see what happens.  I stitched the rectangles together, ruffling them up as they ran through the machine.  So far, so good.  It was a bit short but still long enough to tie around my neck, so I took it to the mirror and tried it on.
Hmmm...I'm thankful it only took about 20 minutes to make, because this scarf does not say "candy cane".  I'm thinking "Cat in the Hat". (Why didn't that hit me earlier?)  Oh well, maybe I'll Christmas gift it to our favorite First Grade teacher who does a Dr. Seuss party every March.

Still, an quick project...if I try a different colored one on another busy morning, I'll let you see!

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