Saturday, December 10, 2011

O Christmas tree

I remember when I was in high school, marching in and telling my sweet mother that our Christmas tree was completely in need of an update.  No longer did I think that colored lights, glittery tinsel, kid-made ornaments, and silvery icicles were cool.  We proceeded to drive to Kirkland's at the mall (I'm sure I drove) and picked out a matchy tree grouping of white and gold ornaments and bows and a tree topper thingy.  It was a high school decorator's dream! 

Now I'm all grown up and there is blogland and pinterest and even more beautiful crafty matchy tree themes.  I am loving all the vintage page ornaments, map stuff, and of course, burlap anything.  And me with my white slipcovers and as much painted furniture as my natural-wood husband can stand could always go with a white-on-white kind of thing.

But guess what - here's my colored-light kids' tree!  And now I know why my mom was a little slow to part with hers.  Most of the ornaments "belong" to one of my six children.  They do the tree decorating now (I know, you probably figured that out already) and have special memories and associations with their ornaments as they get them out each year.  Of course it is special to me as well, as I look back on eleven years and counting of having children around the tree.  I've got a few matchy snowflakes, balls, and bows, but I think I'll put Kirkland's off for a few more years.

I didn't get my urn this year, but you can read about my terracotta planter here.

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annewalker said...

That was a lovely christmas tree. i love the ornaments you used, which make it seem like homey and warm. Thanks for sharing your Christmas tree ideas this year.

Happy Holidays!