Thursday, December 1, 2011

I yearn for an urn

Have you seen the tree-in-an-urn trend in Christmas mags and pinterest the last few weeks?
Photos from Better Homes & Gardens
Photos from Country Living

Oh, how I yearn for an urn this Christmas!  However, my favorite home and garden stores don't seem to be aware of this decorating must-have.  I went to six different stores looking for a large ceramic urn, but there were no hold-overs from the summer gardening season and nothing being stocked specifically for the holidays.  I guess there is always the possibility of doing a planter box or wooden barrel bucket like the Country Living variations. 

But I love how an urn makes even a small tree like the one in the foyer look fancy.  And what about that full-sized tree on a table top to fill a double high ceiling space without buying a billion-foot tree?  Nice.

As I was looking for urns to pin, I found this photo by Rhoda at Southern Hospitality from two years ago:

Looks like Rhoda was the forerunner of the whole tree-in-an-urn outburst!  And check out all of her great urn action from last year.  So who's with me?  Do you yearn for an urn?


Natasha in Oz said...

I love urns too and I have actually been looking for a couple to use in my garden. I love them in these gorgeous pictures!

My Pinning & Singing Pinterest party starts soon so I please pop by if you have 5 Minutes-I would love it if you could link up this post!

Best wishes,


Oh, goodness, I love a tree standing on an urn, fabulous! Thanks for sharing. FABBY

~Tablescapes By Diane~ said...

Hi lovely lady.
All the trees are Gorgeous for Christmas sweet lady. I would love a big bow on top of my tree but don't know how to make one I need HELP. Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my Christmas Past Tablescape. I hope you have a Wonderfull week with your family.
XXOO Diane

the cape on the corner said...

i totaaly yearn for an urn, lol. i yearn for mine outdoors...and i yearn for an entryway that could accomodate them!