Saturday, December 3, 2011

friendship gifts

During the Christmas season, we have various guests in our home as we host visitors for lunch after church or as seldom-seen neighbors stop by to bring Christmas goodies to the children.  It is a lot of fun for our family to have a stash of simple friendship gifts to share with unexpected callers.  And this year, I am using some of these as part of my decorating scheme.

During last year's after Christmas sales, I bought some inexpensive gift boxes and ornaments.  (Don't tell our visitors, but everything was marked down to about $1 each.)

I carefully wrapped a few of the boxes in paper to match my Christmas decor, then added a bow and some burlap flowers.  Now these gifts are part of my mantlescape.  And when we have company, we'll just pull one down as a way of saying, "Thanks for being with us."

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