Monday, December 19, 2011

easy pillow embellishments

Pictured above: (1) 14x18" burlap pillow with painted Christmas dove; (2) thrift store sweater upcyles -
16" square cream & 20" square dark gray; (3) 12x16" turquoise felt snowflake ironed on cream burlap;
(4) 12x16" red polka dot JOY ironed on beige linen.

Want to make some festive Christmas or winter pillows?  You can embellish fabric or even ready-made pillow covers with paint (or Sharpie markers!).  Iron-on shapes or letters cut out of felt or scrap fabric are also easy to add for a holiday touch.

Picture It
Search the internet for a shape or picture to use, or type the word you want to use and print it out. 

Paint It
To use your picture as a stencil for painting (like the bird on the burlap pillow), cut the shape away leaving the outline in tact.  (I just used the regular paper it printed out on.)  Then lay the stencil on your pillow and press down each section as you paint it so that paint doesn't bleed under the stencil.  Also be sure to dab the paint around the edges instead of brush it.

Iron It
For the iron-on decorations, I use Heat-n-Bond Ultrahold:

You'll need a mirror image of the design you want to put on your pillow.  There are ways to select a mirror image on your computer or printer, but if you don't know how to do this, just make your own by taping your design to a window or door with the front facing outside.  Now, place a sheet of Heat-n-Bond over your design and trace the image onto the paper backing.  Next, iron it to your fabric or felt per the package directions.  Finally, cut out the design along your markings, peel off the backing (I always forget to do this and wonder why it's not sticking!), and iron it to the pillow cover, again following the manufacturer's instructions.

Upcycle It
Warning: this does take some sewing.  But if you sew, you can make warm, wintery sweater pillows using thrift store upcycles!  Look for large sweaters - the bigger the better!

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lhall said...

I love the white pillow. It would go with anything.

rkcorn said...

I love that burlap pillow...just beautiful!

Sally said...

I love the "JOY" pillow.

Heather said...

I like JOY!