Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas mantle

Today I'm featuring my mostly-done mantle.  I want to add a little more paint and rough up the chalkboard blocks some, but that will probably have to wait till after Christmas, which is fine since I have lots of uses planned for these.  The wreath still needs a few more burlap flowers, and I've got to make a stocking for Baby Nora.  After looking at these photos, I think the sides need a little filling in with backdrop, so I'll be tweeking that too.  Maybe a fun Christmas printable behind the packages and a different sized mirror behind the blocks?  I can't wait to see everyone else's ideas at the link up parties this week!


After seeing my photos and checking out everyone else's ideas, I made a couple of updates to what I had going...First, I finished the other side of burlap flowers.  Then I sent the boys out to the magnolia tree for some branches and leaves, and they found some other Christmasy greenery to stuff in there as well.  I also took down the large mirror behind the wreath and added a red frame behind the wood blocks.  Better.  I'm also on the lookout for an old sled to put in the fireplace with a couple of poinsettias.  But am I the only one who spells mantle "L-E" at the end?

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