Monday, December 5, 2011

burlap flowers

This Christmas I am making shabby burlap flowers to add to our wreaths.  Here's a little tutorial on how I make my flowers.

petal pattern & circle pattern
brown felt
glue gun
small scrap of paper

First, make a petal pattern and a circle pattern.  The petal is like a rounded five-point star.  The paper pattern shown in the first photo above is the size I use for hair bows, and because I'm lazy I didn't make larger patterns - I just cut around the outside in two bigger sizes.  The circle is about the size of the center of the petal.

Next, cut out your petals from the burlap - it takes 7 same-size petals to make one flower.  These don't have to be perfect (obviously).  You'll also need one felt circle per flower.

Okay, it's time to glue.  Be careful!  The glue is hot, and the burlap is holey, and I have burned myself repeatedly making these things!  Put a dot of glue in the center of each petal.  Fold it over in half, carefully pressing just next to the glue dot.  Now put another dot of glue on top of the spot you've been pressing and fold over again, making the petal into quarters; press above the glue to hold.

Put glue all over the felt circle.  Place four petals onto the circle like four quarter slices.  Squirt more glue onto the center of the four burlap petals and add three more petals at thirds intervals.  Using the glue gun or a piece of scrap paper, press in the center and hold to secure (careful - this is where I get burned the most!).  Fluff up the petals and you're done!

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