Sunday, November 6, 2011

"little lady" slipcover

A couple of weeks ago I got the latest flyer from Tuesday Morning, and pictured on the cover was a chair exactly like this.  Okay, not EXACTLY...the faux leather was new and shiny and black instead of all crackly like my chair.  And it was $199, not $8 like my chair, which I found at a church rummage sale.  But the style was identical.  Who knew I was so in?

Of course when I bought this little lady, I instantly pictured her wearing a cute new slipcover.  She had great lines, and I could picture her sitting in this very corner of the living room.  She was also only $8 - did I mention that?  How could I pass up an $8 chair? 

And here she is, all dressed up in her new clothes!  She is so cozy and comfortable to sit in that I've sort of claimed her as my chair whenever we gather in the living room.  Isn't she purdy?

Pin It (A little slipcover tip for anyone sew inclined:  This slip is all one piece because the bottom cushion is attached.  To keep the skirt fitting tightly around the base, I sewed Velcro to the front of the skirt under the seat cushion, and attached the opposite side of the Velcro with a sticky-back piece stuck right on the chair under the seat.  That way the skirt kind of tucks up under the seat cushion instead of hanging loose.)


Shabby chic Sandy said...

This is so "purdy"! You did a great job on the slipcover!

Multi Level Life said...

Lovely! What a great transformation. What fabric did you use?


Terry said...

Very, very well done. ONly a person that sews and appreciate this quality work. Stop over for my anniversary giveaway.

Tisha said...

The fabric is white cotton duck from Joann. I have used this for most of the slipcovers in my own home - I usually order it online 10 or 20 yards at a time whenever I have a 50% off coupon.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Very pretty, Tisha! You did a great job on that slipcover. The skirt is gorgeous and I love the ties on the back.

Visiting from Met Monday! : )

Julie Bagamary said...

Impressive! I'm considering steam cleaning the hand me over chair I received.

Eva Scott said...

Gorgeous!! I love how simple and feminine it is.

Maggie said...

not only is this gorgeous but an amazing price. I'm going to need a pattern to create the slip cover lol.
Would luv for my readers to see this awesome idea, will you please join our weekly party at
have a great crafting weekend!

Krista-Artista said...

This is beautifully done! You did such a great job.