Friday, November 18, 2011

friday faves: Cookies & Cups

I'm really more of a decorator and home blogger, but since "delectable" means delicious, I can throw in an occasional recipe too, right? 

The past few years, my sister and I have pulled off a Thanksgiving meal that might even be Martha Stewart approved, complete with soup & salad courses and traditional favorites done a little gourmet.  So this week as I'm planning my contributions to our family dinner, I'm trying to think of ways to make our celebration full, and cringing a bit as I struggle not to overdo it with a new baby.

I think I'll be hitting Earthfare, Honey Baked Ham, and The Fresh Market to buy ready-made meats, soup, and sides.  But I do have an idea for a homemade dessert that my daughter could easily put together...pumpkin dump cake.  Of course at this time of year, there are a million of recipes floating around for this.  But my favorite is over at Cookies & Cups.  Shelly not only mixes up a great recipe (anything with 2 sticks of butter is going to be a winner!), but she throws in a little humor, some yummy photos, and a topping variation for those who don't care for nuts.  Check it out!

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Tara T. McIlrath said...

I have never known someone with more gusto! I am amazed that you, a mother of 6 and one of whom is not even a week old, are blogging!!! Well, the post is great and I am thankful that you shared. Have a happy Thanksgiving!!