Tuesday, November 15, 2011

embellished bibs

For less than $10, you can get a 10-pack of plain bibs from Target.  They come in pastels or brights for both boys or girls.  Then with some ribbon, scrap fabric, and Heat-n-Bond iron-on adhesive, you can embellish those bibs into special gifts or something cute for your own little one.

For the bibs with initials, here are the steps:
  1. print out huge letters in Microsoft Word
  2. cut a square of fabric large enough to stencil the letter
  3. follow package directions to iron adhesive to the back of the fabric square
  4. cut out the letter
  5. peel off the backing and iron it onto the bib
  6. machine-stitch around the edge (I used washable tear-away stabilizer on the top & bottom while I sewed)
The owl bib steps were the same as above, except in step #4, I just cut our various owl parts instead of letters.  I wish I'd used a more vibrant yellow for the eyes, since they sort of fade into the rest of the bib.

For the ruffle bibs, I cut 1" strips of fabric and pushed them into ruffles as I sewed across.  They are fraying a little, but I wanted kind of a shabby look.  You could minimize this by cutting with pinking shears, cutting on the bias, or using ribbon instead of fabric.

The purple flower bib is my favorite.  I cut out 6 or 7 two-inch circles, folded them into fourths, and stitched them together to make a shabby flower.

And I've still got more bibs in the pack to do.  Any ideas?

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