Wednesday, November 23, 2011

a confession

On the final day of my 31 Days to a Remodeled Room, I received this comment:  "I still haven't figured out how you have time to do all that you do (maybe a whole new blog idea :-)" 

Well, here's the confession:  decorating, sewing, and crafting are great distractions for me from other important things.  For starters...

Photo Source (I'm too embarrassed to show you MY tub.)

I'm not a very diligent housekeeper.  In fact, if you knew how long it had been since I'd mopped my kitchen floor, you would be really grossed out.  Especially since I'll still eat things I drop there.  Our bathtubs are pretty gross too.

Sometimes I ignore my children (gasp!).  Of course, I LOVE my children.  They are a great blessing, and I am being greatly sanctified through them.  But I am very task-oriented, and I can become way too engrossed in other things.  I find home projects much easier than reading books or playing games or baking cookies - I admire many of you who truly enjoy these moments with your children since this is a little harder work for me.

Dinner?  You mean I'm supposed to make dinner?


Emry said...

Thanks for that confession. It's always nice to know that other moms are imperfect, too, especially when they seem to have everything together!

DM said...

Feeling a little better now. Just testimony to the way God gifts us different gifts and talents. (Not that my bathtubs are spotless, but I do like to cook :-)