Friday, November 11, 2011

attractive food storage

My real-life friend Kimberly at Raising Olives has a great post this week in her 4 Moms series about large family food storage.  The 4 Moms share some great ideas for storage, particularly of bulk foods, and while I don't store quite as much as it would seem they do, I thought I'd link up some photos from my kitchen.

I store most of my spices and dry goods (salt, pepper, cocoa, bread crumbs, baking soda & powder, etc.) in glass jars in my open-front cabinets.  These are just regular quart and pint jars, stacked two rows back.  I don't buy most of this stuff in large quantities, so the grocery store size just fits into these.  The glass bottles hold oils, vinegars, soy sauce, etc.  Again, I don't buy most of this in huge amounts, so I just transfer the grocery store size into a prettier container and display it. 

I usually have two or three 5-gallon buckets of wheat and oats on hand.  I hide these under the desk area of our kitchen, covered by a gathered panel on a tension rod. 

If you have a lot to store, consider using furniture pieces creatively.  Our cocktail table doubles as a snack vending machine...large boxes of protein bars, crackers, and chips can be stored in here to grab for snacks or lunches.

Need more space for really large items?  What about replacing an open china cabinet with an armoire or china cabinet with doors (or adding doors or a curtain panel to your current piece)?  If the doors have glass in them, you can cover the inside with fabric, craft paper, or window film.

I did a search of our local Craigslist (search "armoire" and "china cabinet") and found over ten listings that were posted in the last several days for a price tag of $200 or less.  Many of these were under $150.  Below are photos of my top four favorites.  Imagine these painted white, gray, or maybe even a fun robin's egg blue, with chalkboard paint inside the recessed panels.  These would look great in a kitchen, dining room, hallway, or even a playroom.  And after your handy husband installs some rough shelving inside, think about how much food (even large storage buckets) you could tuck away in there!
Armoire photos from Craigslist

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Michele said...

Hi Tisha,
Thank you for your comment on my blog. I just wanted to let you know I got those blocks at a craft store called Roberts. They sell lots of different sizes of blocks. So maybe check out a craft store near you. In the past I have also gone to Home Depot and had them cut the wood for me. I hope this helps. Good luck with your blocks!
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