Monday, October 3, 2011

31 days {3}: wall paint colors

  Welcome to Day 3 of "31 days to a Remodeled Room."  Yesterday I wrote about making a decorating plan.  Today, we're going to start implementing the plan that I made for Becky's home.

One of the biggest impacts on a room is wall paint color.  This is also a relatively easy and cheap element to change.

A few weeks before I became involved in this remodel, Becky had corresponded with one of her blog crushes, Lissa at Humble Pie.  Lissa made some great suggestions, including a new, lighter paint color in place of the dark red kitchen.  Becky repainted the walls in a light shade of greige.  We ended up carrying that same color into the adjacent half bathroom (formerly a deep rose)  and painting one wall in the bathroom a slightly darker shade of the same gray.

Becky's living room and dining room walls were a nice classic beige.  With her open floor plan, repainting these rooms would create a need to change the paint color, and subsequently, decor, throughout a large portion of the home.  Because her current color would work with the new decorating scheme, we decided to leave it as is.  In the same way, look for things in your current room that you can live with in your new plan.  You can always change those things later.

Would a new paint color freshen up your room?
Coming tomorrow...window panels.

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