Friday, October 7, 2011

31 days {7}: painted buffet

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Welcome to Day 7 of "31 days to a Remodeled Room!"  Today you get to see the crown jewel of Becky's new living room - the painted buffet.

We've left a lot of things the same in Becky's home.  The layout worked well for her furniture and for their family and the way that they entertain in their home.  We didn't change the wall paint color in the main living space.  And this buffet sits exactly where it always has between the windows.  But with a new paint color:

Now the buffet has been transformed into the centerpiece of the room!  We used this as the anchor for all of the other accents - the lamps, pillows, wall art, and even pulled this color into the dining area, kitchen, and bathroom.

This is a very special furniture piece to Becky because it belonged to her mother, and she was very nervous about painting it herself.  A special blessing came when a friend with a professional furniture painting business offered to refinish the piece at no charge.  And he did a fantastic job!  Still, I think Becky could have pulled it off - you'll get to see some of her own handiwork soon!

(Don't you just love the matching demijohn vases on top...IKEA!)
Coming tomorrow: lamps
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