Sunday, October 30, 2011

31 days {30}: still-to-do items's Day 30 of "31 days to a Remodeled Room." I'm a little sad that the series is drawing to a close because I've had such a fun time putting together these posts and reliving Becky's project this summer.  However, with our new baby due just two weeks away, I must confess that I will probably slack off of the daily blogging a bit!

Today I'm going to show you a few items that are still on the to-do list.  Then check back tomorrow to see the photo reveal as I lift off the layers and show you the space in toto

In the bathroom, there were three hardware updates that we wanted to make that have not been done yet: a sconce-style light fixture, a framed mirror, and a new faucet.  Becky has these items on her Christmas wish list, although the mirror presents a challenge.  The current mirror has been glued to the wall and the replacement mirrors we are considering are slightly smaller, which means there will likely be drywall repair necessary when this one comes down. 
Photos from Pottery Barn,
Target, and Lowe's
Photo from Lowe's

In the kitchen, a new faucet is on the wish list as well.

Tomorrow:  Day 31 - the BIG REVEAL!!

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