Saturday, October 29, 2011

31 days {29}: bathroom accessories

Welcome to Day 29 of "31 days to a Remodeled Room." Yesterday, I featured the little accent table in the bathroom.  Today we'll be looking at miscellaneous bathroom accessories.  And be sure to check in tomorrow and Monday for the conclusion of the series.

Photo from Lowe's
Photo from Pottery Barn
Going back to  the before photos of the bathroom, you can see that the toilet paper holder and towel ring are sort of floating out in the middle of the walls.  So I removed these and replaced them with a towel bar under the wall cabinet and a standing toilet paper holder.  I reinstalled the towel ring on the wall just inside the door next to the sink.

Then there is the issue of the trash can.  A trash can is a bathroom necessity; however, most of us probably have those little plastic open top cans which are neither stylish nor concealing of the sometimes-gross contents within.  So how about buying a little basket hamper to hide that trash can in?  No, it doesn't have a hands-free-step-on-lid-opener-thingy, but you can give it a regular spray down with Lysol if that really sends you over the top.  And don't be going and folding a big trash bag down over the lip of the basket either.

We also needed some accessories inside the wall cabinet and on the large table.  These are really more for looks than any practical function, so some $1 apothecary jars and candle holders filled with rocks, soaps, and oil or water tinted with food coloring can do the trick.  Little trays and baskets are also nice.

Photos from Pottery Barn and Better Homes & Gardens

Tomorrow: still-to-do items - bathroom mirror/lighting/faucet
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