Thursday, October 27, 2011

31 days {27}: bathroom art wall

It's Day 27 of "31 days to a Remodeled Room," and today I'm going to feature the art wall in Becky's bathroom.  If you've missed the last couple of days, you can pull up the bathroom BEFORE pictures here.

Initally I wasn't sure what to do with the large framed art that hung on the wall facing the bathroom entry.  It was a special piece to Becky, so I wanted to incorporate it somehow.  But as the elements started to come together, Becky decided it wasn't going to be the best fit with the new decor and took it down.

These photos from Better Homes & Gardens are our new ideas for the wall:

Photos from Better Homes & Gardens
 I would really like to combine the two middle photos to paint a large two-tone design (I'm thinking birds on a branch) on a piece of canvas fabric and hang it with the top and bottom rails and ribbon.  IKEA has a rail system (KVARTAL - top & bottom rails for panel curtains), but some hot glue and wooden dowels would probably do the job.

In the meantime, Becky hung the two frames we had removed from the dining room wall with inserted craft paper that coordinates with the new color scheme.  These frames are ultimately too small for the space but are holding their own for now until the masterpiece (ha!) is complete.

Coming tomorrow:  small side table
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