Tuesday, October 25, 2011

31 days {25}: bathroom wall cabinet

Day 25 of "31 days to a Remodeled Room" is here, and we're moving on to the bathroom.  This was Becky's bathroom BEFORE:

Reviewing my process of remodeling a room, first I make a list of things to change.  Our main goal for this project is to bring the same color & style from the adjacent rooms into the bathroom.  So, here's my initial list for this room:

Paint, mirror, lighting, rug, towel bar & toilet paper roll placement, table, empty space between toilet & sink, empty space above toilet.  In the beginning, I'm not sure about the art piece - it is a special one from Becky's grandmother - so we may try to work it in to the new decor.

And now, our inspiration photo:

Pottery Barn

The first thing we did to Becky's bathroom was paint it gray.  We used a light gray on three walls, and a slightly darker shade on the wall which faces the entry (the wall with the large framed art on it in the BEFORE photo).

I decided the next thing to tackle was the space above the toilet.  This space seemed to beg for a wall cabinet or shelves - some kind of furniture piece that would break up the large expanse of blank wall and make the room feel more finished.

Better Homes & Gardens

I found these photos (above) and liked how they had hung towels directly beneath the cabinets.  Becky found the shelf in the left photo at Target, so I took down the little towel ring and hung the new cabinet plus a towel bar over the toilet like this:

Coming tomorrow:  new table & storage baskets
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