Tuesday, October 18, 2011

31 days {18}: paint kitchen cabinets

Welcome to Day 18 of "31 days to a Remodeled Room."  Last week we were taking a look at all the different elements in Becky's dining area.  Today, you'll get your first look at her remodeled kitchen...

Here is the starting point for the kitchen.  When I came on the scene, Becky had already painted the walls in a light greige and had removed the window valance.  I recommended the following changes:

  • Paint cabinets white & include some open shelving
  • Paint island "interesting aqua" & add decorative brackets & towel bar
  • New lighting over sink & island
  • Updated bar stools
  • Area rug in front of sink
  • Window treatment
  • New faucet

Becky had builder-basic cabinets and her white appliances seemed to jump out.  Painting the cabinets white would help those appliances to blend in as well as accentuate the gray countertops and wood flooring which were currently fading into the background.

Becky was very nervous!  She didn't feel confident about painting these herself but couldn't afford to have them professionally done.  What if she messed up?  It wasn't so much that she worried about the change to painted cabinets, but that she wouldn't do a good job on them.  Finally, I promised to help and convinced her to give it a try.  After all, it's just paint.  Worst case scenario: you mess up something; you sand it down; you do it again.  But Becky did such a great job that very little touch-up was required!

There are a million "how to paint your cabinet" lists out there, but here's what we did:
1.  Becky cleaned all the cabinetry with Krud Kutter. 
2.  We removed all the drawers, doors, and hardware.  We spread everything out in the garage and got ready to paint.  There were two doors we planned to leave off, so we filled in the holes on those cabinets with wood filler and sanded it smooth.
3.  We started by brushing on  two coats of BIN Shellac-Base Primer.  This seals in all of the wood grain,  dries quickly, and adheres well even without sanding.  Since this is not a water-based product with easy soap & water cleanup, we wore disposable gloves and used cheap brushes and just threw it all away when we were done with this step.  (We only painted the outside of the cabinetry except for the two cabinets we were going to leave open.)
4.  This was followed by two coats of white latex paint.  We used a good quality brush around the edges and in small spaces and a roller for the door and drawer faces and cabinet sides.
5.  We finished the cabinets with a water-based polyurethane to help protect the paint coat.
6.  (This is the hardest step!)  We waited!  Five days is recommended, but I think we broke down on day 4 and put all the doors and hardware back on.

Drumroll, please...

Coming tomorrow...open shelving.
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