Sunday, October 16, 2011

31 days {16}: centerpiece

Photos from Potter Barn & Humble Pie
Wow, it's Day 16 of "31 days to a Remodeled Room."  Remember when I told you that the lamps were my favorite part of this remodel?  Then I thought that the throw pillows might be my favorite.  Or the mantle.  But I had forgotten about the centerpiece.  This is definitely my favorite thing in Becky's new look...

We're still working from our Pottery Barn inspiration photo, as well a Pottery Barn tutorial from Humble Pie.

Looking at these two photos, I wanted to find a large rustic wooden dough bowl and two large glass hurricane jars for Becky's table.  I had been looking high and low for a reasonably priced dough bowl for my own living room coffee table, but everything I found was either too small, too round, or too antique (i.e. pricey).  Then Becky stumbled on the PERFECT bowls in Mast General Store - and they had two, so we each got one!

The hurricane jars came from A.C. Moore.  Each jar had a small chip along the top rim, so I asked for a discount and got both for the price of one!  The chips are not very noticable, and living in a house with three boys, she'd probably end up with a chip or two on a perfect full-price jar anyway.

This summer, we filled the wooden bowl with potted herbs (these are faux herbs from IKEA), and she kept the hurricane jars stocked with lemons, oranges and/or limes.  But the really fun thing about hurricane jars is that they are great for an easy seasonal change-up.

There are lots of different sizes and styles of hurricane jars.  You can even do similar displays in apothecary jars, trifle bowls, or cloche domes. To fill with large items like fruit, use your jar without a candle; for smaller items like candies, place a pillar candle in the center of the jar first.  For fall, fill the hurricanes with nuts, pumpkins, pinecones, candy corn, or layers of dried seeds & beans.  (I've been wanting to do orange & white M&Ms for Tennessee football.)  At Christmas, try cranberries, peppermints, ornaments or greenery.  After Christmas, use candles and fake snow for a winter look.  Valentine's - candy hearts or Hershey's Kisses; St. Patty's Day - wrapped Andes mints; Easter - candy eggs or dyed eggs; tulips for spring; seashells for summer; red, white & blue candy layers for the Fourth of July... 
Photos from Good Housekeeping; Money Saving Mommas & Poppas; Woman's Day;
Country Living; Southern Living; Madigan Made;
Tempting Wines; Zimbio; & Williams Sonoma
Do you have hurricane jars?  I'd love to hear your great ideas for changing these up with your favorite holiday or season!
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Ann @ makethebestofthings said...

Love the look! Very clever use of the jars and your option with the Christmas bulbs really grabs me. You've done such a good job so far. It will be so gorgeous when you're done.