Saturday, October 15, 2011

31 Days {15}: light shades

Welcome to day 15 of "31 days to a Remodeled Room" (Can you believe it's already the middle of October?  It seems like I just pulled out the fall decorations yesterday!)
I've shown you the changes to Becky's dining area with the new artwork, table & chair covers, and hutch re-do, and today we're going to tackle a focal point of the room - the light fixture.  When remodeling a room, it is important not to overlook the lighting as it can really date a space.  It can also be a low-cost update; often you don't have to replace an entire fixture - a can of spray paint or some new shades can be enough of a change.  Here's what we were starting with.

The original color of the light fixture was a light bronze finish, which is still pretty current and works well with the wood furniture, so we decided not to paint it.  But the glass globes and exposed bulbs were going to go.

Pottery Barn
This Pottery Barn dining area served as inspiration for our update.  After bringing home several different styles of shades, we finally decided on some pleated ones from IKEA (about $7 each).  Becky also replaced the standard-size light bulbs with smaller chandelier bulbs.

And here's how it looks today:

We had talked about gluing some natural fiber trim around the tops and bottoms of each shade to get the same look as the Pottery Barn shades, but I had forgotten all about that detail until I was writing this post.  I'll have to take some jute rope and my glue gun over to Becky's get to work!

I'd love to hear your thoughts about the changes we've made so far - what's your favorite item in the first half of the series?  Have you used any of this list to make updates to your space?

Tomorrow: centerpiece
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