Monday, October 10, 2011

31 days {10}: ottoman

Welcome to day 10 of "31 days to a Remodeled Room."  Today we are a third of the way through our list of changes to Becky's space - I hope you using these ideas to compile your own list of updates for YOUR home.  (If you have missed any of the decorating elements, you can see a complete list here.)

Becky had a small ottoman with a leather top that was looking really worn.  When I saw this photo from Country Living, I knew what we had to do...

Photo from Country Living

I just love burlap!  The natural fiber brings warmth and texture to a space at a very affordable cost.  It's not the most durable fabric, so I used two layers of burlap and a layer of matching lining for this slipcover:  

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I'm so thrilled with this copy that I'm thinking of making one for myself!
Coming next: mantle decor

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Ruth said...

I love this ottoman idea. I love burlap, too. Your burlap seems softer than the one I purchase around here. Any tips or secrets?


Tisha said...

It's just the regular stiff, stinky burlap from JoAnn. I prewashed and dried (high heat) all of the fabrics a couple of times before sewing. The burlap draws up quite a bit, but it does make it a little softer and less messy. Then the cover can be washed as it needs it, although I only dry on low or no heat.