Thursday, September 22, 2011

ruffled diaper bag

Cream Ruffle Bag and photo from Jeanne Oliver Designs

With just eight weeks left until our baby girl is expected to arrive, I am feeling a lot of pressure to get a long list of projects done.  But it just dawned on me today that most of my list is not specifically baby-related, and that there is much to be done on that front as well. 

Because, really, what's the fun of being crafty if I don't have a cute, custom-made diaper bag? 

For our now-two-year-old, I had made an embroidered pink & green toile bag, which I loved, and a pink and black one for a friend.

Of course, since this one is personalized, the new baby is going to need one of her own.  So, I'm going to order some sweet Amy Butler fabrics and construct a ruffle bag like the one above.  I'm thinking about leaving off the top ruffle and inserting a monogram instead.  And maybe another shabby flower or two.  What do you think?

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